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2020/06/30 (Tue) 03:37:59
Sell your products to the newest Online Shopping Store

Step 1 – Register to sell on KR Online Shopping
Step 2 – Create a Business Profile and Setup your Store
Step 3 – Post your unlimited products by using our simple tools
Step 4 – Enhanced Content feature to display additional product information to your shoppers
Step 5 – Start Selling. Collect payments. Grow your business everyday.

It cost you 0% to start an eCommerce business with us.
Your eCommerce store can be up and running in just a few clicks.

Ensure potential shoppers find your products online.
Reach local and international shoppers. Engage customers directly.

Provide helpful content about the use of your products or services.
Online Shopping Store provide more information about your business.

Meet Customers satisfaction when they need and what they want.
Easy to present your products online to a greater depth of shoppers.


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